Saturday, 13 November 2010


I thought it'd be nice to bring back some Absinthe as a souvenir from Spain.
I thought right.
It makes goin to the club so much cheaper, as it gets you drunk so fast.
I've already gone through my 170, 160 and 150 proof bottles so all thats left for me to finish off is the 140 proof.
Absinthe brings good times, and some memories. I took my first flaming shot with the black 170 proof.

Yet, I wish I had REAL absinthe, the kind that doesn't moderate the amount of thujone, the hallucinogenic component.


  1. I got fucked up on absinthe on my senior trip to Spain and France in '06. Good choice man! =D

  2. I totally read up on this, and supposedly thujone has no hallucinogenic effect unless it is consumed in toxic levels. Why would you want to risk poisoning yourself just to see things?

  3. a friend brought some over last month it really wasnt that strong smelled like nyquil tho...ill stick to my 100 proof vodka that works and its only $12 for 1.75L lololol